Types of Real Estate


Single family homes to condo's, we are experts in buying & selling residential homes. Our out-of-the-box, creative thinking is your biggest asset in any sale or purchase, we bring you value beyond the extra dollars you will be counting!

Land, Farm & Waterfront

A unique knowledge base is vital to these transactions, Not only have we sold these types of properties for clients, we have also bought them for ourselves as well. Arm yourself with our experience & expertise so you can afford yourself the best transaction possible, hire Kim Barton Group to insure your specific needs are acknowledged and fulfilled. 

New Construction

Don't be fooled by the nice sales representative, they represent the builder and you should be represented as well, take along Kim Barton Group and have a realtor on your side. New construction is trickier than it appears, there is a lot more to negotiate than just price. We work to serve you, and ensure you have your own advocate in the transaction.


Are you searching for your special retreat? Somewhere ELSE to call home also? Whether you are looking to escape to the shore, the city, or a wooded paradise, we are here to serve you. We know the right questions to ask to help you figure out what and where is the best fit. Hire us to make sure your purchase or sale is a breeze, just like your vacation!



We may be a bit early, however buying a home is a BIG deal and we cannot wait to serve you! Be it your first home, your first Maryland home, or your third home, let our 30 years of experience work for you!

From setting up a customized search portal with the most accurate and up-to-date information and showing houses, to contract negotiations and settlement we know this process well and want to make it a breeze for you!

In today's market it is extremely important to stay up-to-date with homes that match your criteria. Houses are selling fast due to low inventory in the market. We will make sure you can see homes you are interested in right away, with multiple agents on our team we've always got you covered. When submitting an offer we not only have experience but are constantly adding new techniques to make sure it is strong and stands out against your competition. We listen to match your wants and desires to the home of your dreams.

As the process continues, and through it all you will need a strong negotiator, with creative thinking to bring you the most value, we are exactly that. From tried and trusted professionals all the way to the settlement table. We make sure that when you arrive at the settlement all you need is a new set of keys, so walking through your new front door for the first time is simply fully of excitement!

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For many, your home is your biggest asset, your largest investment, we take representing you and being your fiduciary, very seriously. There are many reasons you may be looking at selling your home, and having an expert beside you will make all the difference.

Every home has three price points

- Right Now, As-is

- Do a little

- Do a Lot

You'd likely be surprised to learn which of these three options will net you the most return on your investment, hint, it isn't always the third choice. We are in the real estate market everyday and know what repairs & updates, if any, will give you a good return. 

From the moment you decide to list your home for sale there are so many details and things in motion. We have excellent business partnerships and will make sure your home is ready for the market. From the moment you hire the Kim Barton Group we will be beside you, and will explain all your options to ensure you have all the information to make the best decision for you and your family. We take our mission, to obtain the most profit and highest value for our client in the shortest period of time with the least inconvenience to you, with the utmost responsibility. 

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Building Personal Equity Through Real Estate

Have you heard that buying a home is a simple and easy way to build your personal equity?

It's true! Buying a home is an investment in real estate, whether you are planning on living in the home, renting it, or flipping it, this is an investment for you!

Whether you are new to real estate investing or seasoned, please know we can be as involved as little or as much as you want. We want to help you achieve all your real estate dreams. Call or text us today to discuss all your possibilities!

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We know not everyone is ready or able to purchase a home at this very moment in their lives. Renting is a reality for many, and a great opportunity to learn more about your community.

For some clients, who do not have enough equity in their homes, renting can be a great option. We can help you find tenants and a rental for yourself.

Whether you need to find a new rental or find new tenants, we know renting can be stressful, let Kim Barton Group take the burden out of renting.

Have Questions?

And so much more!


Buying or selling, a consultation with the Kim Barton Group is always FREE. We would love to hear your needs and share options with you so you can make well informed decisions to build your personal wealth. 


Staging can be vital to presenting your home in it's best light to potential buyers. We have in-house staging so it doesn't break the bank and we can easily work with you and your schedule. Maybe you need a room staged or maybe you want to move first and need the whole house staged, we've got you covered!


The photographer plays a vital role in listing your home. Pictures need to present your home well & accurately. If a picture makes a room appear larger than it truly is, it will only leave buyers disappointed when they tour your home. Our photographer on staff, will make sure your home is presented in it's best light, and scheduling is a breeze!


Part of selling your home is how it is presented and advertised. We make sure everything from listing pictures to ads are tailored for your home to increase it's presence and appointments! Networking can be equally important and Kim has 30 years of networking to use to your advantage.